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On June 23rd, the Government of Moldova appointed two new Ambassadors to the French Republic and the United States of America.
At the proposal of the Moldovan Foreign ministry, Emil Druc was appointed to the positions of Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the Republic of Moldova in the Republic of France. Druc was until recently the head of the Multinational Cooperation Department of the MFA.
In his turn, Aurel Ciocoi was appointed Ambassador to the United States of America. He has been the Ambassador of Moldova to People’s Republic of China until recently.
Druc and Ciocoi have yet to receive the credentials from the French and the American Presidential Administrations./ FOCUS News Agency/

A fighter jet with the Air Force Thunderbirds was involved in a crash Friday at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, officials confirmed, cited by USA Today. 
"Upon landing there was a mishap," according to a press release. The F-16D Fighting Falcon went off a runway and overturned Friday, injuring the pilot.
The pilot and a tactical aircraft maintainer in the plane were hospitalized, and are listed in good condition, Thunderbirds officials said.
An investigation is underway.
Dayton was experiencing gusty winds and heavy rain Friday afternoon.
“Our first priority is taking care of our Thunderbird teammates and ensuring future safety” said Lt. Col. Jason Heard, Thunderbirds commander/leader.
The crash comes a day before the Vectren Dayton Air Show, planned for this weekend in Dayton. The Thunderbirds have not announced if the team will perform during the air show this weekend./FOCUS News Agency/

 A new poll has revealed that 61 per cent of voters want a second referendum on Brexit once the terms of a deal with the remaining EU countries have been agreed. 
The Scotpulse survey for STV found that 59 per cent of those polled think that Brexit will be bad for Scotland, The Scotsman writes.
24 per cent think that leaving the European Union, which is expected to be officially concluded within the next two years, will be a good thing. 
It comes as both sides of the campaign reflect on the one year anniversary of the vote by 52 per cent of voters in the UK to back leaving the EU. 
Scotland, one of two constituent countries in the UK to go against the national result, voted Remain by a margin of 62 to 38 per cent. 
10 per cent of Leave voters in Scotland would change their vote if there was another EU referendum, while just 3 per cent of Remain voters would switch sides, the poll found. 
Holding another referendum on the final terms of Brexit wasn’t backed by any of the three largest parties in Westminster at the General Election held earlier this month. 
The Liberal Democrats under outgoing leader Tim Farron, had pledged to offer voters a ‘final say’ on the deal, but there was external (and internal) criticism of that position. 
STV’s poll also found that there was no a majority for the Scottish Government’s preferred outcome on another referendum on independence due to Brexit. 
17 per cent of those surveyed agreed with Nicola Sturgeon that there should be a referendum on independence after Brexit. 
A further 13 per cent backed another vote on the constitution in Scotland, but they wanted it held before Brexit, bringing the total in favour to 30 per cent. 
In contrast, 48 per cent of those polled believe that there shouldn’t be another referendum at all, while 22 per cent say it depends on what happens with Brexit. /FOCUS News Agency/

 Albania is observing an election silence Saturday as a result of the end of campaigns required one day ahead of parliamentary elections, Xinhua Reported.
Some 18 political parties and groups will be running for 140 seats in the Balkan country's parliament during the June 25 elections after 30 days of campaigns.
The major rivals are the Socialist Party of Albania and the Socialist Movement for Integration of the ruling coalition and the main opposition Democratic Party of Albania.
Prime Minister Edi Rama, leader of the Socialist Party, is seeking re-election and a parliamentary majority in the polls, by highlighting reforms he led to pave the way for launching within 2017 full European Union membership negotiations.
Albanians will go to polling stations in 12 regions to cast ballots for a new four-year parliament. The Albanians eligible to vote totaled 3.45 million including some 1.12 million people living abroad.
More than 300 international observers are expected to monitor the electoral process. About 6,000 police officers will be put on duty for the election security./FOCUS News Agency/

Macedonia can’t exist without Bulgaria, and Bulgaria can’t exist without Macedonia – they are two parts of one whole’’, said the historian prof. Plamen Pavlov for Radio Focus. He commented that we are witnesses of tides in the relations between the two countries, as well as passiveness from the Bulgarian side. According to him, diplomatic talks between the two countries should be more specific. Prof. Pavlov thinks there should be more active dialogue
‘’Macedonism is the GMO of history and culture. In the National museum of Macedonia, you can see some stuff, but it is like someone stole something and tries to hide it. This can’t happen with a magical wand. In so many years of anti-Bulgarian propaganda and brainwashing, which continues to date, we must be more persistent, and have more active dialogue and presence. This is not in the name of Bulgarian nationalism our chauvinism, but because this dialogue must continue. Macedonia can’t exist without Bulgaria, but Bulgaria can’t exist without Macedonia either. Its about time to understand that we are two parts of one whole. No matter what someone thinks or feels, this is the truth’’, said the historian.
According to professor Pavlov, in Macedonia there is a Bulgarian majority. He added that our country considers these people to be our countrymen, even though they have the freedom to determine their own nationality./FOCUS News Agency/

The condition and most importantly the lack of enough servicemen in the Special Forces and the Army, is very disturbing, said in an interview for Radio Focus general Kircho Kirov, who was chief of the National intelligence agency between 2003 and 2012. He added that Bulgarian defence institutions should continue their efforts for coordination, cooperation and intel exchange with their partners.
‘’It is difficult for me, to imagine any serious activity of an intelligence service, like the State agency ‘’Inteligence’’, with 38 % lack of personnel. This is the critical minimum of its abilities. In the State Agency for National security there is 30 % lack of personnel. In the army, the lack of personal is 20 %, but there are secret rumours that this lack of personnel of about 6-7 thousand soldiers and officers is actually 30 %. These are some of the things which must be subject of serious consideration and action on behalf of the government, as well as the defence institutions themselves’’, said General Kirov.
The ex-chief of the National intelligence agency said that external intelligence services should accurately plan and forecast, which regions are likely to be the subject of tensions, concerning the national interests of Bulgaria, while the internal structures should watch closely about persons with radical views./FOCUS News Agency/

Several mortar shells exploded in an open area in the Golan Heights near the border with Syria Saturday afternoon, the army said, quoted by The Times of Israel.There was no damage and no injuries were reported.
The army the mortars appeared to be errant fire from Syrian factions fighting each other across the border.In the past Israel has responded to stray fire by hitting Syrian regime positions./FOCUS News Agency/

Authorities in Camden were working to convince dozens of families to leave their homes on Saturday after they refused to evacuate, despite concerns the tower blocks they are living in were at risk of a Grenfell-type blaze, writes The Guardian.More than 80 households, including elderly people and others with disabilities and vulnerabilities, refused to leave the blocks on the Chalcots estate, which is home to almost 4,000 people.Some had changed their minds by Saturday morning and joined the exodus, but Camden council is now considering what to do with those who refuse to leave.The prime minister, Theresa May, said on Saturday: “For those Camden blocks, it wasn’t just a question of the cladding; there were a number of issues that came together that meant that the fire service were concerned about those blocks and the action was taken by the local authority./FOCUS News Agency/

Four Arab states that imposed a boycott on Qatar have issued an ultimatum to Doha to close Al Jazeera television, curb ties with Iran, shut a Turkish base and pay reparations, demands so far reaching it would appear to be hard for Doha to comply.
Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have sent a 13-point list of demands apparently aimed at dismantling their tiny but wealthy neighbor's two-decade-old interventionist foreign policy which has incensed them. Kuwait is helping mediate the dispute.
A Qatari government spokesman said Doha was reviewing the list of demands and that a formal response would be made by the foreign ministry and delivered to Kuwait, but added that the demands were not reasonable or actionable.
"This list of demands confirms what Qatar has said from the beginning – the illegal blockade has nothing to do with combating terrorism, it is about limiting Qatar’s sovereignty, and outsourcing our foreign policy," Sheikh Saif al-Thani director of Qatar's government communications office, said in a statement.
A Qatar semi-government human rights body said the demands were a violation of human rights conventions and should not be accepted by Qatar.
Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani had said on Monday that Qatar would not negotiate with the four states until economic, diplomatic and travel ties cut this month were restored.
The countries that imposed the sanctions accuse Qatar of funding terrorism, fomenting regional unrest and drawing too close to their enemy Iran. Qatar rejects those accusations and says it is being punished for straying from its neighbors' backing for authoritarian hereditary and military rulers./FOCUS News Agency/

Every company involved in building or refurbishing Grenfell Tower will be scrutinised by police as officers consider manslaughter charges during the criminal probe, writes London Evening Standard.
Met Police Detective Superintendent Fiona McCormack said police are looking at “every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards” as well as fire safety and health and safety offences.
In a statement on Friday, over a week on from the blaze which left at least 79 people presumed dead, police confirmed it was a faulty fridge that sparked the fire.
DS McCormack said they are now carrying out further tests in relation to the Hotpoint FF175BP fridge freezer model, which had not been subject to any product recall.
She said preliminary tests have shown the aluminium cladding failed safety tests and insulation samples were combustible.
Asked about the criminal probe, she said: “We are looking at every criminal offence from manslaughter onwards.
“We are looking at every health and safety and fire safety offences and we are reviewing every company at the moment involved in the building and refurbishing of Grenfell Tower.”
Theresa May this week apologised for a “failure of the state” in the wake of the fire, which started in the early hours of Wednesday, June 14./FOCUS News Agency/

The fact that Greece was not on the Summit agenda has relieved a series of leaders with the President of France Emmanuel Macron saying that “we did what we could do with the Chancellor so that the Greek issue is not on the agenda,” reported Greek Reporter.
“These issues are better resolved by the finance ministers,” he said, adding that the ministers of France and Germany managed to reach a consensus that allowed for an agreement and “we should congratulate them for this,” Mr. Macron said, adding that the deal will help the Greek recovery and the reforms that Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will implement.
“A very strong consensus framework was found in the last Eurogroup. We did not talk about Greece, and that’s very good news because we worked very hard with Chancellor Merkel to come to the agreement that was at the Eurogroup,” Mr. Makron said.
On her part, Angela Merkel commented that it was “positive” that the Summit did not deal with Greece. “This means we have found good solutions,” she said, pointing out that the “Juncker package” would also provide support for investment./FOCUS News Agency/

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